ACCESS TO THE THERMAL SPA: (from 10am to 6:30pm)

Indoor and outdoor pools with temperatures ranging from 30º C to 42º C and supervised by specialized personnel, to enjoy the following:

  • Thermal Cavern: Wet Sauna

  • Dry Sauna

  • Thermal Mud Bath

  • Thermal Pools with: Bubbles Bed, Volcanoes and Waterfalls

  •  Cold Spring Water Pool (invigorating contrast)

  •  Foot Bath

  •  Natural Solarium

  • Thermal Swimming Pool

Fango Terapia - Hotel & Spa - Terma Spa Full Day - Termas Cacheuta - Mendoza - Argentina
Gruta Termal - Terma Spa Full Day - Hotel & Spa - Termas Cacheuta - Mendoza - Argentina
Hotel & Spa - Terma Spa Full Day - Termas Cacheuta - Relax - Mendoza


Without a doubt, the restaurant’s specialty is the Criollo Lunch, a regional food buffet, which together with the scenic beauty and the Spa programs will make your stay in Hotel & Spa Termas Cacheuta a memorable experience.

Our exquisite cold entrées are accompanied by the finest selection of vegetables in Mendoza. The menu is completed with a wide variety of local foods and vegetarian dishes; the traditional Argentineans Asado remaining the specialty. Our delicious local desserts make the perfect end for your lunch. Dinks NOT inluded.

Hotel & Spa - Terma Spa Full Day - Termas Cacheuta - Asado Buffet - Mendoza
Hotel & Spa - Terma Spa Full Day - Termas Cacheuta - Almuerzo Buffet Criollo - Mendoza

OPTIONAL SERVICES (check availability):

MASSAGES: $2.000

  • Half an hour massage. Choose among: relaxation, deep-tissue, aromatherapy,
    or reflexology.


  • One hour massage. Choose among: relaxation, deep-tissue, aromatherapy, or reflexology. Or combine two of them

AQUA RELAX: $2.000

  • 30 minutes of stretching and relaxation movements in thermal water


AFTERNOON OF SPA: $2.500– Check Availability (Spring&Summer)

  • Enjoy our Thermal Spa from 3 to 6:30pm. Without transfer in/out.
From 8:30 to 10pm. Three steps – Three options Dinner. No drinks included.


All these services required reservation and need to be prepaid. Ask for them when you book for the day.
You can bring your own robe but it should be white.


2021Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 2020 + Monday to Sunday 2021
ThermalSpa Full Day$5.000
ThermalSpa Full Day + Transfer$5.900
ThermalSpa Half Day*$2.500
ThermalSpa Half Day + Transfer**$3.400
*Half Day option without transfer can be during the morning (from 10 to 13hs) or during the afternoon (from 15 to 18hs).
**Half Day option with transfer only goes on Monays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the morning (from 8:45 to 13hs)


(Reservation Required)


You should be waiting at your Hotel’s Lobby, in the City of Mendoza, from 8:45 am and wait for us for 60 min aproximately. Departures from Cacheuta are at 5:00pm. Please do not commit to subsequent activities as the duration of the transfer does not depend on us. h5>


If you agree with our services, rates and want to continue with the booking process, please reply this e-mail (ventas@termascacheuta.com), providing us with the following information:

  • Surname and Name:
  • When do you want to come? (we will check availability):
  • How many people are you? (remember that only people over 14 years old can go inside the Thermal Spa):
  • Would you like to take our transfer? It comes out every day at 09:00am from downtown hotels and returns from Cacheuta at 06:00pm:
  • In case you need transfer, from what Hotel?:
  • Document Type and Number:
  • Phone:
  • Address:
  • Country:
  • Codigo Postal:
  • Would you need to book any additional service? (30 min. Massage, 1-hour massage, robe rental):

    All these is important information to contact you if there are doubts with your reservation.

  • In case we do not have availability, we will ask you to provide us, if possible, with alternative dates.
  • Remember this e-mail does not mean that we have availability or that we have made a reservation for you. When the reservation is taken we will always provide you with a reservation number, without number there is no reservation. Then, to confirm the reservation we will let you know when and how to pay the 100% of the quote.

Thanks for choosing us!



To use the services of spa bathing suit is required (no shorts are admitted). We open from 9:45am to 06:30pm.
There is no Mobile Phone signal and wi-fi is only available at the Hotel’s Lobby.
If you had a surgical procedure in the past 30 days, are pregnant or nursing, have difficulties breathing, hypertension or are going through chemotherapy treatments will not be allowed to go to the Thermal Spa.
Rates are per person, per day. In Argentine pesos, VAT included. There may be changes in rates according to market variations, which will be confirmed at the moment of the reservation.

Under 14 years old policy::

Children under 14 years old will not be able to go to the Thermal Spa. They will only be able to use an outdoor swimming pool with thermal water and must be accompanied by an adult.

Change of rate policy::

Rates are per person, per day expressed in Argentine pesos, VAT included. There may be changes in rates according to market variations, which will be confirmed at the moment of the reservation. Our staff is going to confirm the exact rates of each season when you ask for dates of availability.

Cancellation policy::

Reservations paid can only be canceled 24 hours in advance, by calling our offices and then sending us an e-mail confirming the withdrawal. It is important that the cancellation request is received by our staff in a timely manner, and to ensure this you must request a confirmation email of the canceled reservation. If the payment was made, you can have that credit for future reservations, within 6 months, in any of our services, having to pay differences if necessary.

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Phone. +54 2624 490152 / 490153 - RESERVAS@TERMASCACHEUTA.COM

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